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Exterior Signs are made from various materials such as Aluminium Composite, Aluminium, Foamex or Foam Board as its sometimes referred to. Wood is being used less frequently now for sign making with many products such as resins replicating the look of wood but here at JW Signs we use wood to produce signs for many of our customers who want a Traditional Sign and totally unique to their business.
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  Foxton Locks Lodges Image         The Furniture Barn Image  
  Aluminium box sign on aluminium posts with finials. The face panel can be removed easily when it needs to be refurbished.     Timber sign with slates text engraved into the wood and infilled with paint.     Totum sign made from aluminium composite sheet folded into a box and fixed to aluminium posts.  
  Glebe Image   Welland Park School Image
We designed and made aluminium panels painted and vinyl lettering applied which were supplied and were fitted to a pre-made construction.   Aluminium composite pan on steel posts.   Aluminium composite stainless steel finish sign shaped as a serpent with capping along the top and steel posts with finials.  
    Pure Image
Wooden cavity back sign painted, with
vinyl lettering and gold leaf crest and arrows.
Aluminium composite pan with 50mm returns and vinyl lettering. 2 x curved aluminium panels face fixed to 4 aluminium posts.
sign with wooden frame  
Hard wood frame, stained with removable aluminium face panel.
Aluminium signs with wooden capping frame on steel posts and finials.   Wood signs painted, with vinyl lettering on
wooden posts.
Aluminium diabond sign Wallpaper vinly signage   Wallpaper vinly signage
Aluminium diabond box sign with cut out vinyl graphics applied to the face on large unpolished stainless steel posts. We wrapped this building with wallpaper vinyl which is applied directly onto the brickwork, plaster, windows and board to give an impressive appearance. These graphics can last up to 6 years.
Wooden exterior church sign Wooden exterior church sign   Wooden exterior church sign

This is a hard wood sign with an aluminium
face panel fitted from behind, painted with vinyl lettering and separate crests.

This shows the back of the sign and how the panel is held in place so when the sign needs to be refurbished it can easily be removed.


This shows the separate crest that were made for the sign and are hand painted.

Wooden exterior church sign    

This signs is made the same way but has two notice boards either side which a covered over, again this panel can be removed in the same way.


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